News about my new novel!

On December 19, 2017, I finished the first draft of my newest novel and distributed it to those who agreed to be first readers! I'm very excited to have made it so far on this project and I look forward to gaining feedback, revising and seeing where this project will lead in the new year. This story is based off a short story I wrote in 2012. At that time, friends suggested that it could be made into a novella. As I developed the story it was clear it would be a full length novel.

The working title is "Henry Blatt's Love Letter" and it can be described as a coming of age story, a romance and a bit western. Overall, it is a work of comedy fiction. The characters and plots are fiction, but it is influenced by PG Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories and my own experiences when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Available paintings for sale!!


These are the paintings that I still have and I just dropped the prices MUCH LOWER than originally marked. If you are interested or have questions,
email here and we will work out delivery or shipping costs. Thank you!


"Bringing Chaos Into the Wilderness"
Encaustic on Wood, 2015


Encaustic on Wood, 2015
"New Mexico Landscape"


Encaustic on Encaustic Board, 2014
"The Winding Tree" 12 x 12
. $75
This is one of the last paintings that I have left from the time period where I lived in New Mexico.


"The Rocky Mountains" 2015, encaustic and drawing. 16 x 20 in.

This painting was created for a fundraiser in Texas, but went through a dramatic adventure of being lost in the mail, bought through a post office auction and then was returned to me. By the time I got it back it was too late for the fundraiser.
I think it should go to another charity and if anyone has any ideas, let me know!


Acrylic on Wood 2016 $25


Acrylic on Wood 2016 $25

Space between present and future

Acrylic and Pencil on Clay Board 2012
"Space Between Present and Future"
10 x 10
This is one of the last acrylic paintings that I have left from the time when I lived in New Mexico.


Antartica Paintings 2017 Encaustic on Clay Board $50


Antartica Paintings 2017 Encaustic on Clay Board $50


Antartica Paintings 2017 Encaustic on Clay Board $50

48 Hour Film Festival 2017

This is my team's submission for 2017, in Denver:

Antarctica Paintings

Here they are - five paintings on Antarctica for the new year 2017. Based on the photography by permission, by Fernando Begay.






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