New work in January

I've been doing some smaller paintings in January that combine handmade watercolors from Etsy, gouache and artPOP! Watercolors.

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Painting with Utrecht gouache for the first time

I decided to try out Utrecht gouache for the first time and was very happy with the results. This is from a photo I took in Ft. Lauderdale.

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New work November - December 2022

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Inktober 2022

For the third year in a row I have tried Inktober, this time making drawings within Procreate. It was a great way to learn the software more and try new techniques and brushes. Unfortunately, I had too many things going on this month and was finishing my MATS Bootcamp class, so I only completed about half of the word prompts. Still, it is always fun.

Click on this link to view the entire Inktober 2022 drawings.

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MATS October Bootcamp

I just finished my assignment for Make Art That Sells October Bootcamp and that is a wrap for this three month class! What a blast it has been! This month our assignment was to make a graphic novel page. We were given several elements and had to develop a story around it. I created my piece using Procreate, using a variety of pencil brushes.

To see everyone's piece who took the class, visit this link


MATS September Bootcamp

I just uploaded my September assignment for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp. We were asked to think about how different our lives would be, if the arts was as important as other subjects or if all students were required to learn art.

Often I surprise people when I tell them that painting is about chemistry and graphic design uses math. As an artist for over twenty years, I don't see subjects as separate things. I have worked with medical researchers in a science lab, and I have known designers at NASA. Art (music, dance, literature, drawing, basketweaving etc.) nurtures creativity, the ability to transcend traditional ideas or patterns. It's a skill needed by everyone — football teams, scientists, politicians, filmmakers. The line between subjects is a construct, taught to us by the divide in subjects through education.

This is the link to see all student assignments for September:


And this is my "mini" assignment for this course. In both examples, I have drawn the letters by hand in Procreate.

Dawn Wheat_Mini_September

ABC Book of New Mexico Plants

In late spring and early summer, I designed a book proposal. The copy was written by Ashley Zappe, and I made all of the illustrations in gouache paint. This is the entire alphabet that would be used in the book. I will post the rest of the book proposal at a later date, but feel free to contact me at about this project with questions.

Entire Alphabet

Make Art That Sells (MATS) August Bootcamp

I am taking my second Make Art That Sells Course (MATS) this year, which is the Assignment Bootcamp. We do one assignment every month that has a focus on a type of illustration project that is popular. We also analyze color palettes, textures and it's a basic jumping off point for studying and connecting with other illustrators. Our first assignment for August is now LIVE and all of the student work can be viewed here:

The assignment was to make a floral spread for an illustrated non-fiction book. Here is my piece, which was created in Procreate:


Digital Painting of Blueberries

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