Children's Book Illustration Class Week #4

For week four we were instructed to build a spread showing our characters within an environment. This is what I made after many drafts and experimenting on supplies, finally settling on a combination of gouache paints and colored pencils.


Children's Book Illustration Class Week #2

I have been busy drawing and painting this week, and here is the second assignment for my class. This week we were exploring emotions in our character. I was also experimenting with materials and paper, switching from watercolor to mix media paper. I am using the 60 color set of Arteza gouache paints this week too. The class is through


Children's Book Illustration Class Week #1


This past week was the first week of the Make Art That Sells Children's Book Illustration Class! I decided to take this class to help me get back into art in a different way and try some new things. So far it has been intense and challenging. Every day we have daily drawing prompts for our sketch book, and here is what I have made in the first week. Follow me on Instagram at dawnwheat2020 to see everything I am making in this class.




2021 New Paintings

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New Year and news!

Happy New Year! I hope this next year will be better for everyone.

I have a few new things to share.
I have written my first novel, THE GHOSTS OF PINOS ALTOS, and my agent has begun submitting it to publishers. The pitch is posted here.

Secondly, I have moved back to Illinois. I lived here previously, and have come back for family reasons. It's been great to see the snow fall and the Midwest landscapes the last few days. I'm looking forward to making more art in the coming year. As always, thank you for your support and checking out my website!

IMG_1211 gallery
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