Synopsis of my novel

I'm working hard these days on my novel "Henry Blatt's Love Letter." The first draft was completed right at the end of 2017, and I am working on a second draft now. I've had over 15 people volunteer to read the first draft and give me comments, and so far the response has been great! I thought I would post the synopsis here:

"Henry Blatt's Love Letter" Synopsis

In 2008, Cyrus Larson is scared about college graduation. The Great Recession is underway and he has always been a terrible student. His only hope is to gain experience through a summer internship and obtain a recommendation letter. He takes a big leap and leaves his small, Illinois town for an internship on a New Mexican organic farm. Unfortunately, it’s a cover for illegal cockfighting and he abruptly leaves in the middle of the night. While walking along the highway back to Santa Fe, he falls asleep in the sun from exhaustion, disappointment and dehydration, and is discovered by an eccentric college student named Syngen Smith, who thinks Cy is a dead body.

Syngen introduces Cy to Henry Blatt, a retired music store owner from Little Rock. Henry is spending the summer in Santa Fe to complete his novel and finish a lifetime dream of being a writer. 46 years prior in Santa Fe, Henry had met and lost the love of his life, Kat Dixon, on the set of a western film. Kat, now a famous movie actress, is also in town to shoot her comeback film, but according to the local news, it isn’t going as planned.

When Henry hires Cy as his personal assistant, this decision hurls Cy into an adventure of a lifetime. He crosses paths with other personal assistants who teach him the five PA rules, a swing dancer that says Lindy Hop is her soul, a waitress who helps him see his worth, an arrogant young actor that wastes opportunity, background extras looking for their big break and a set medic who opens Cy’s eyes to a future career as an EMT.