Utrecht Acrylic Sets

I'm a designer for Blick Art Materials, and one of my big projects last year was designing new paint sets for the Utrecht Brand. Three of the sets feature my paintings: Landscape, Color Theory and the Basic.

01654-group rectangle

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In case you missed it, I just posted a special announcement here. In 2023, I had the opportunity to make a lot of new art but most of it I can't post on Instagram or my website until it is officially announced or sent out into the world. That is how it goes with many creative projects. But I am excited to announce that Enchanting Plants will be published in 2024 - this is definitely a passion project that unites painting with a love of plants, and the time that I lived in New Mexico. All of the original paintings are gouache. Keep checking back for more updates and other projects as I am able to release them.

Character Design

I'm taking a three-month class in character design and this is my first design for July! This was made with Procreate and I did all of the hand lettering myself with no font used. It was really fun to try something new.



An acrylic painting I made recently, for another job that I am working on:

Painting for Work gallery

Nonfiction Book Design

In April, I took a class on Nonfiction Book Illustration and this is some of the pieces I put together for a book proposal. I chose the topic of ice-cream, because my husband has been making some recipes this year. I made this with a combination of Procreate and gouache painting.




New painting

My husband and I visited Ireland last September, and I finally did a larger landscape from one of my photos.
It was such a wonderful place to visit! And I'd love to go back again.


New work in January

I've been doing some smaller paintings in January that combine handmade watercolors from Etsy, gouache and artPOP! Watercolors.

IMG_1412 2 galleryHawthorn galleryDesMoines gallery

Painting with Utrecht gouache for the first time

I decided to try out Utrecht gouache for the first time and was very happy with the results. This is from a photo I took in Ft. Lauderdale.

IMG_0776 gallery

New work November - December 2022

Flamingos galleryIMG_0737 galleryIMG_0710 galleryIMG_0735 gallery

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