The Summer Reading 2020 Campaign was a fantasy theme with the aim to encourage reading and Library use for all ages. To encompass a wide-range purpose, I created a magical forest and will-o’-the-wisps lights, which hinted at a mystery ahead on the reader's path. The logo included elements from the enchanted forest.

I was working on this art when the coronavirus spread and the Library entered a pandemic lockdown. We quickly realized that this program would have to be flexible and change. Many things I designed for this campaign were shelved, while other components were needed. The Library shifted to creating YouTube Story Time Videos Monday-Friday, and these were branded for summer reading. I made several animations, customized web graphics, and social media graphics.

I had made a teaser centerfold for the Library's magazine, which included a medieval map of Jefferson County. This map was not printed due to the circumstances. Later, another version was used as a poster when the libraries reopened.

For this campaign, we separated the age groups more than in past years and offered four different reading and activity trackers for Baby, Kid, Teen, and Adult. Patrons who filled out the trackers won prizes such as a branded journal or a seed bookmark. The trackers were also translated into a Spanish version and were available to download on our website. In the final patron questionnaire at the end of the campaign, patrons wrote comments detailing how much they loved the art and the trackers.

131486 Jeffco Library sr20 Banners LR Proof1

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