Jefferson County Public Library tailors its Summer Reading Campaign yearly and doesn't closely follow the American Library Association's theme. That leaves room for creativity and interpretation.

The 2019 Campaign was a space theme to correspond with the moon landing anniversary, and many of the programs were science-based or astronomy activities. I was given much freedom in designing the logo, background art used in most collateral, and the color scheme.

I designed a large-scale banner hung on our many libraries, t-shirts for staff, internal signage and web graphics and reading trackers for several age groups. All collateral included Spanish translations. Also, I added coloring pages and a rocket activity that could be used in the library or downloaded from our website.


01755_SR19_PrizeChartSignFINAL-1 galleryBaby Bib_clipped galleryBag_Clipped gallerySR19_promo w ConnectMagazine_11x17-1 gallery

00295_SR19_L2Y_VirtualFieldTripSpace_11x17 FINAL gallery00372_SR19_CF_FlyFishing_11x17 FINAL gallery00396_SR19_AR_OldeTownTelescope FINAL gallery
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